Good news! There still might be a chance to marry into the royal family.

Eagle-eyed royal wedding watchers last weekend noticed a handsome guest among the dignitaries and celebrities who gathered to witness Prince Harry and Meghan Markle exchange vows, and now people can’t stop talking about him.

So just who is he, and where has he and his gorgeous hair been all our lives?

Turns out the mystery hottie is Louis Spencer, first cousin to Prince Harry and Prince William on their mother’s side. That’s right, he inherits his good looks from the late Princess Diana’s family (her maiden name was Spencer) and is her nephew.

The 24-year-old even has a royal title of his own, Viscount Althorp, and is the heir to the titles and estate of his father, Charles Spencer, 9th Earl of Spencer.

According to Debretts, the long-running authority on British titles and etiquette, the ranks in English royalty descend for men from duke – the title belonging to both William and Harry – to marquess, earl, viscount and then baron.

And yes, he’s single! So don’t give up on those Downton Abbey dreams just yet.

You may have seen him flanked by three lovely women at the wedding, but those were his two sisters, Ladies Eliza and Kitty Spencer, and his mother, Victoria Aitken, a former model.

Even Nikki Minaj took notice of Spencer when she met him in 2015, joking later when she shared his pic on Instagram that it was their wedding photo.

Like us, Twitter definitely has been paying attention since the young viscount popped up in our lives and people have a lot to say.

“Um, ok, someone needs to set me up with Harry’s cousin, Louis Spencer. I think I’m ready for marriage,” tweeted one new fan.

“If I can’t have Prince Harry then let me have Louis Spencer at least!!” another one wrote, in a totally relatable tweet.

“And every gay boy (including myself) is twisting his fingers thinking, “PLEASE LET THIS ONE BE LGBT, PLEASE LET THIS ONE BE LGBT!!!” wrote yet another fan.

“If any of my friends know Louis Spencer now would be a good time to set me up on a blind date,” an additional admirer noted.

For the latest on Louis’ famous family, check out the links below.


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