Ellen Pompeo’s ‘Purse Was Stolen From Right Under’ Her Nose While Vacationing In Italy: ‘I Blame The Rose’

Ellen Pompeo let her guard down for a brief moment and that is all it took for a thief to snatch her purse.

The “Grey’s Anatomy” star was on vacation in Italy when the incident occurred. “My purse was stolen from right under my nose! I blame the rose! But Grazia to whoever stole it for dropping it on the street exactly intact,” she shared on Instagram on Friday.

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“I was tracking my phone and chasing you down… had I caught you… it would not have ended well for you,” she warned. ” I am nice but let’s not forget my heritage… NAPOLITANO….”

Concluding, “Also I hope you were smiling because e Sarai catturato perche sei in machine. Please forgive my horrible Italian.”

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A quick Google Translate suggests Pompeo wrote: “And you will be captured because you are in the car,” suggesting she may have photographic or video evidence of the robbery.

Pompeo’s “Grey’s Anatomy” co-star Giacomo Gianniotti chimed in. “Cmon Ellen! You didn’t hit up your boy for an Italian translation? Haha I’ll be there in July and I’ll be on the prowl for your boy, he doesn’t stand a chance,” he commented. “Glad you are safe!”



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