Nick Lachey has a lot riding on tonight’s vote on the possible legalization of marijuana in Ohio and he could profit big if his home state decides to embrace pot.

Lachey is part of an ownership group that would benefit big time thanks to the measure’s restrictions that limit large-scale weed growing to 10 designated farms. The former 98 Degrees star is one of the people that has a stake in those farms and his 29 acres outside Akron could reportedly bring in $1 billion in sales for his farm.

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The restrictions on marijuana farming could be very lucrative for Lachey, but the set-up has come under criticism for establishing a pot oligopoly in Ohio. There are concerns that a select few will be getting very rich off the state’s approach while the majority of residents will be kept from growing a significant amount of pot.

In case you were curious, the results of the vote will be broadcast at Lachey’s Bar.