Hello! “Tis a great day for people who go by only one name. We shined the light on Rachel Platten and Jess Glynne a couple of up’n’comers whose first cracks at the can have reaped rewards (i.e., YouTube views). Justin Bieber was in the news again outdoing himself by walking out on not one, not TWO, but THREE awkward situations. But at least he’s apologetic about it. You oughta know which Canadian was celebrating the 20th anniversary of one of the landmark albums of the ’90s (no, it was not Bootsauce). You should also know that Ed Sheeran is a really good guy. You should also know that Sam Smith sings some pretty sad songs — but none sadder than this one (which is really saying something when you consider the company this song keeps). The world could also celebrate the announcement of two artists’ imminent tours: Phil Collins and Hedley. They could also celebrate the coming together of two artists while on tour. We wrap things up with a couple of songs whose outlandish videos have to be seen to be believed (unless you’re a minor — then you should probably ask for your parents’ permission).