Azealia Banks Claims That Both Kanye West And Rihanna ‘Starved’ Her

Azealia Banks is never one to miss out on controversy and has jumped head first into the ongoing Twitter spat between Kim Kardashian and Rhymefest.

The whole ordeal started when rapper Rhymefest claimed that Kanye West had abandoned Donda’s House — a charity Rhymefest runs and The Life of Pablo rapper set up in his late mother’s name to help Chicago youth.

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Kardashian stuck up for her husband on Twitter, where she denied Rhymefest’s accusations and tried to set the record straight. Now, Banks is also claiming to have been abandoned by West, whom she says left her to go hungry despite having his own chef while they worked on music in Hawaii.

“I know I did not fly all the way to Hawaii to lend my creative energy just to watch you stare me in the eyes and eat cantaloupe!”

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Banks wasn’t done there; she also claimed that Rihanna pulled a similar stunt when she went to her Malibu house to help write new music. She said that the “Desperado” singer partied upstairs while she and her fellow collaborators were left downstairs with just two beers, a can of coke, and a jar of peanuts.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

“There were six of us and no chairs either,” she added in a tweet which has since been deleted.

Banks and Rihanna had a public feud on social media back in early 2017, which kickstarted over Donald Trump’s ‘Muslim ban.’ The two singers went back and forth over Instagram and Twitter, resulting in the pair posting each other’s phone numbers online.



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