It wouldn’t be a Bond movie without the Bond Girls and the latest installment is no exception. “Spectre”; showcases a stunning roster of international actresses including Britain’s Naomie Harris (as MI6 secretary Moneypenny), France’s Lea Seydoux (as strong-minded doctor Madeleine) and Italy’s Monica Bellucci (as mysterious mob wife Lucia).

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And when the ladies sat down with ET Canada’s Natasha Gargiulo in Mexico City they couldn’t help but express their excitement stepping into the roles. Naomie says, “I am feeling so excited. Delighted. Over the moon. I could dance almost. Probably not in this interview… Ms. Moneypenny’s evolved in that she’s not waiting around for Bond. She’s not pining for him. She’s living her life.”;

Monica Bellucci adds, “It’s beautiful to see the evolution from the past, represented by Lucia to the future represented by Madeleine.” Seydoux adds, “The fact that my character is a strong woman… she doesn’t really want to be part of James Bond’s world.”

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Although the ladies’ characters may be moving on from James Bond’s charismatic spell – Bellucci says she feels differently regarding the man behind the role, Daniel Craig. Joking, “He’s a gentleman, protective and he’s very sexy… which helps for inspiration.”

Watch Natasha Gargiulo get the ladies’ thoughts on Daniel Craig’s suave ways below.

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