Anne Hathaway Opens Up About Sexual Misconduct In Hollywood And Her History With Rage

Anne Hathaway is the cover girl for Glamour‘s June/July 2018 issue and opened up to the magazine about her experiences of sexual misconduct in Hollywood and her battles with rage.

“I’ve had a 20-year career and I’ve had some really, really bad experiences, but I’ve had a lot of great ones too—with members of both genders,” the 35-year-old actress told the publication.

“While they do not begin to approach the atrocious, galling stories others have shared in recent months, I’ve had negative on-set experiences, some of a sexual nature. Some are from the beginning of my career, some are more recent—all are unacceptable.”

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Rather than go into detail regarding her negative experiences, Hathaway chose to focus on the positives, speaking highly of “Serenity” director Steven Knight and her co-stars Matthew McConaughey and Jason Clarke.

“[Knight] distinguishes himself by always, in every scenario, behaving as though we were two human beings trying to tell the same story. I never felt there was a power dynamic at play; rather, it was a respectful, artistic collaboration. The same for Matthew McConaughey, Jason Clarke, and the crew.”

Photo: Glamour
Photo: Glamour

The upcoming star of the all-female “Ocean’s 8” movie is now working with the Time’s Up movement, which aims to provide legal support to those who have experienced sexual harassment, assault, or abuse in the workplace.

“I know the world can be far worse for others than it has been to me, but I suppose, like most everyone who has been hurt, I want to protect others from going through the worst of what I experienced,” she said. “I want to help make what I consider the best of my experiences to be the norm, as it always should have been.”

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Hathaway also discussed her anger problems and how she has been trying to find peace. “I have a history with rage. I used to do this thing where I was like, ‘I’m nice 29 days out of 30, and then I give myself complete permission to be a bitch to anyone, about anything.’”

“I realized that if I could actually move away from the judgment and deal with my emotions in the moment, I didn’t actually need the extra day. Rage doesn’t lead you to a place of peace. And for me the goal is not happiness. The goal is peace.”

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