Charlie Sheen has a “clear” replacement for “Roseanne” following its sudden cancellation – a “Two and a Half Men” reboot.

“Roseanne” was cancelled by ABC on Tuesday, immediately after star Roseanne Barr tweeted highly offensive and racist comments about former senior adviser to the Obama administration, Valerie Jarrett.

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“Adios Roseanne! Good riddance, hashtag NOT Winning,” Sheen tweeted.

He added, “The runway is now clear for OUR reboot. #CharlieHarperReturns.”

The actor starred on the hit comedy for eight seasons before Sheen’s character was killed off after he was fired from the show. Ashton Kutcher took over for the following four seasons.

Sheen’s proposal had some fans excited about the possibility of a reboot:

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Others, not so much: