In the 50 years of the franchise, James Bond has gone up against countless villains, but he may have finally met his match in Christoph Waltz, who plays the chilling leader of the sinister Spectre organization.

“I like creating problems,”; Waltz tells Natasha at the “Spectre” premiere in Mexico city, “creating problems is a creative thing to do. I mean, anybody can be destructive, anybody can be just negative, but […] a good character is someone who has an intention, and a goal, and the wherewithal to pursue that goal, and all of that I find interesting,  despite the fact that to hero it might end up being destructive, in the beginning it’s a creative thing.”;

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Waltz adds that times have changed since the Bond movies first surfaced, and as a result, the villains have had to adapt to the times. “The stakes are higher,”; he says. “And the means are a little more complicated than throwing a bomb. So, for that reason it’s not a movie of the ’60s. The ’60s were the era of the Cold War, and atomic warfare was our predominant threat that we felt everywhere, so James Bond had to deal with that. Now, that thankfully subsided a little bit, or at least into the background of our awareness momentarily, and Bond has something more pressing, something more urgent to take care of, and that’s, of course, data storage and surveillance, and in a way, terrorism that is tied into [that] whole context.”;

Waltz isn’t the only villain in “Spectre.”; Former WWE wrestler Dave Bautista plays henchmen Mr. Hinx, and for him, it was the role of a lifetime.  “He’s very much a throwback character,”; Bautista said, “and they were looking for that; it was intentionally done. And that type of character hasn’t been done since the eighties, and I knew they wanted to revamp him, so out of all the guys in the world, all the actors in the world, they said “we want you.’ That’s a special feeling.”;

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Bautista, who retired from wrestling to pursue acting, originally had no intentions of trading the ring for the screen, but a small role in a friend’s movie changed his whole career path, when he was truly disappointed with his own performance. “I left there feeling like, “I know I can do better,'”; he said, “and I wanted to pursue it, and WWE wouldn’t afford me that opportunity, so I said I’m going to leave. Nine months later, I left and pursued acting with everything I had.”;

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