Star Matthew Rhys Says The Ending Of ‘The Americans’ Is Not A Happy One

Matthew Rhys reflects on six seasons of “The Americans” following Wednesday night’s series finale. (Warning: Spoilers Ahead)

The actor talked with Esquire shortly after the show’s conclusion about working with his real-life partner Keri Russell and his take on how the writers wrapped up the series.

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Tyler Joe/
Tyler Joe/

Rhys, 43, said working with his wife was incredibly challenging at no fault of Russell. “My acting was worse. I was trying to impress her so much I wasn’t doing anything,” he said. “That’s why we didn’t get nominated for Emmys in seasons 1, 2 or 3,” he teased. “Damn you, Keri Russell.”

Their relationship was not public knowledge when “The Americans” premiered, but things got a lot easier once they disclosed the truth. “We could go on this great adventure together. Listen, I’m a Welshman, so how vulnerable will I ever be is questionable,” he said of his performance. “I was raised on a damn island. But yes, I did become better at becoming vulnerable.”

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Tyler Joe/
Tyler Joe/

Rhys, like everyone else, had his thoughts on the series finale. And the actor would not describe the ending of “The Americans” as a happy one.

“I don’t think anyone who’s had children and had to leave them in that way could live happily ever after,” he explained. “And, I think the food in Moscow would be s**t.”

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