Amanda Seyfried Talks Gun Laws, Motherhood And Female Empowerment In Hollywood

“Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again” star Amanda Seyfried is ELLE UK‘s July cover girl, opening up about everything from U.S. gun laws to what the #TimesUp movement means for female empowerment.

In the wake of a number of mass school shootings in her home country, gun laws were a hot topic for the 35-year-old “Mean Girls” star.

“What exactly are you protecting?” she asks gun owners. “At this point, I actually demand a reason as to why people believe that assault rifles should be sold in Walmart. Why do you need an assault rifle? Arming teachers? Teachers are not security guards. Teachers are not bodyguards. They are f**king teachers. They’re there to educate. F*** you.”

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“Kids are being killed. And they keep saying, ‘It’s not the guns that kill people, It’s the mental illness.’ Well then, let’s talk about mental illness,” she says.

ELLE UK/ Sebastian Faena
ELLE UK/ Sebastian Faena

The actress, who welcomed a daughter last year with husband Thomas Sadoski, says being a mother has helped her put things into perspective.

“I learned after having a child: not to take things so personally, because it’s such a waste of time,” she says, explaining motherhood has helped her find a new love for what she does.

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Seyfried admits she was “treated terribly” as a teenager but now with the #TimesUp and #MeToo movements, the actress says she’s not afraid of the repercussions for standing up for herself.

“People aren’t afraid,” she says. “The #MeToo and #Time’sUp movements are all about feeling empowered to tell the truth and not be afraid of repercussions. Because that’s the thing. You want to keep your job, your sanity, your reputation. You can preserve those now; you can make sure that nobody else is being silenced, or made to feel uncomfortable or violated.”

The full interview with Seyfried appears in the July issue of ELLE UK, on sale 6 June.

ELLE UK/ Sebastian Faena
ELLE UK/ Sebastian Faena
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