Post Tribal: The ET Canada Survivor Second Chance Podcast – Episode 7: Kass McQuillen “Tasha Has Some Fundamental Issues…I Feel Sorry For Her” “

A 13-person merge?! It was a Survivor first as Takeo and Bayon became one, creating Okrun, the biggest merged tribe in Survivor history. It was a scramble from the get-go with everyone trying to find out who is with whom and where they fit on that overpopulated beach. Was original Bayon strong? Did the newly formed Takeo 5 alliance still stand? Will we ever see the return of oiled-up Joe? Okay, getting off topic a little bit…

After making the most of her second chance for 18 days, Kass’s past finally came back to haunt her in the form of Tasha, who triggered the return of Chaos Kass. The two women went at it but unfortunately for Kass, Tasha was protected by the #AlphaAlliance and made it out alive.

While Erin is away on assignment in Tokyo, Parvati takes over with the help of a very special co-host, John Fincher (aka the hot rocket scientist on Survivor: Samoa). On this week’s episode of Post Tribal , Parvati and John are putting the self-professed Queen of Ponderosa, Kass, in the hot seat and finding out what we didn’t see in the episode. What does she have to say about Tasha? And how does she feel about Spencer turning on her after she saved him?

Listen Below:



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