‘Jersey Shore’ Cast Ends Years-Long Feud With Angelina Pivarnick With Apologies And Alcohol

After eight long years of feuding, the cast of “Jersey Shore” has finally buried the hatchet with Angelina Pivarnick, the infamous cast member who left the show multiple times during the show’s first and second seasons.

On Thursday’s new episode of “Jersey Shore Family Vacation,” Angelina walked back into the lives of her former roomates, looking to make amends.

Angelina notoriously walked off the show midway through the first season before calling it quits for good the next season after getting into a full-on fight with Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, and generally feuding with everyone else.

However, being off TV for the better part of a decade has a way of making people want to get back on TV — or rather, it made Angelina come back looking to extend an olive branch instead of her fist.

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Things started off on shaky ground at first when Jenni “JWoww” Farley and Snooki returned to the house to find Angelina waiting for them.

JWoww initially rejected the idea entirely and stormed out, while Snooki called out her former castmate for a litany of insults and offenses. However, Angelina surprised her by candidly apologizing for remarks she’d made in the past, including mocking Snooki’s lip injections.

Angelina promised that she’d come back to “redeem” herself, and to “show people I’m not this crazy girl.” Her persistence paid off, and with Ronnie Ortiz-Magro championing her to Snooki, and convincing her to let Angelina party with them.

The two former enemies managed to quickly move past their drama and began enjoying each other’s company, i.e. getting totally wasted and coming home drunk, hanging off one another like life-long pals.

JWoww was understandably furious when she came home to find them acting like besties, but eventually, she came around herself and accepted Angelina into her good graces.

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Addressing the house, Angelina admitted that she had said ‘f**ked up s**t” in the past.

“I was spiteful, I was immature and I shouldn’t have went that way,” she said. “I want a clean slate where from this point forward, no problems.

While the cast all accepted her back and were on board with the decision to put the feud behind them, they also all agreed that Jersey Shore Family Vacation should really be about the core group who all came to Miami together, and that Angelina should head out.

Eventually, the task of breaking the news to Angelina fell to JWoww, who told her former nemesis, “You are a good person, I would like to get to know you more, but I don’t want to get to know you more here.”

Fans will get to see how Angelina reacts to getting ousted when “Jersey Shore Family Vacation” returns next Thursday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

Recently, ET caught up with Vinny Guadagnino who opened up about what it was like having Angelina return to the house. Check out the video below to hear more.

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