When Celine Dion comes to mind, raves and bass drops probably don’t immediately follow. But in a new video posted to his YouTube channel, EDM superstar Steve Aoki stopped by her “Celine’ residency concert in Las Vegas, in one of the most unlikely (but amazing) musical matchups, well, ever.

So what do the two have in common? Well, probably not a whole lot, but the DJ is definitely a fan. His remix of Dion’s signature song, “My Heart Will Go On,”; has been a staple at his festival sets around the world this year, including Italy, Austria, and of course, Canada. So when he met the vocal powerhouse, he made sure to show her the track – and she loved it! She even started improvising her own remix, which you have to see to believe.

“The vibe was better than any other experience I’ve had meeting [a celebrity],”; Aoki confessed in a radio interview. “I was a fan there. I came there as a fan.”;

The feeling was definitely mutual. “You are brilliant, oh my god,”; Dion told the DJ after seeing a clip of his live set. “Thank you so much for taking my song into consideration and [putting] your talent into it. I’m very touched.”;

Elsewhere, The Weeknd kept the collaborative spirit alive in Toronto on Thursday night, bringing his pal Ed Sheeran onstage during his “Madness Fall Tour.”; The pair treated the sold-out crowd to a performance of their duet, “Dark Times,”; from the R&B star’s latest album, “Beauty Behind the Madness.”;

“I’ve written with a lot of people in my life, but [Ed] is the fastest and most talented songwriter I’ve ever worked with, ever,”; The Weeknd told the audience after the performance. “He works so fast, I feel like if we stayed in the studio another week, we could have had a full album, maybe.”;