“Why do people say congratulations when you have a child?”; jokes new dad, Alex O’Loughlin. “It’s awful I mean, you don’t sleep, you’re covered in vomit and poop all the time.”; While the Hawaii Five-0 star is cool and collected as Steve McGarrett on the show, in real-life he’s feeling the fatigue courtesy of the new addition to the family – Lion.

No doubt the name “Lion O’Loughlin’s”; got ring to it, and the proud papa fills us in on the inspiration behind his and mama Malia Jones’ unique choice. “My first son’s name is Saxon, I kind of like to give my children names where they can’t just go on welfare comfortably, you know?”; says the actor. “The welfare people will be like, Lion O’Loughlin? You gotta run a country or something. At least run a television network station.”;

That makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? Alex questions his own train of thought, explaining how four weeks with a newborn can affect one’s mind. “I hope I’m articulating what I’m thinking,”;  he says. The star claims he changed Lion’s “first 60 diapers. In the hospital, I was the diaper man!”;

But Alex wouldn’t ever trade his “daddy duties.”; After-all, they’re nothing compared to “mommy duties”;: “If men had to have babies, there would be zero population on this planet… We can’t take that kind of pain!”;

Watch Alex talk more about his baby boy and why he’s comfortable cozying up to Hawaii Five-O co-star Scott Caan in the video below!