Colbert Theorizes About Melania Trump’s Mysterious Absence: ‘This Is Just Weird’

Melania Trump made her first public appearance in 25 days at a White House event, but that hasn’t stopped the speculation about what might have caused her disappearance.

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On Global’s “The Late Show” Monday night, Stephen Colbert joked about Melania’s absence, noting that she still hadn’t appeared publicly at the time of the show’s recording.

“I’m not surprised. It took that ‘Shawshank’ guy years to tunnel out,” the host joked.

Colbert said that the White House had recently claimed Melania had undergone surgery for a “benign kidney condition.”

“They say she is perfectly fine and I certainly hope that’s true,” he said. “And they claim she came home to the White House. Trump even welcomed her back in a tweet in which he accidentally called her ‘Melanie.’ Awkward.”

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“We’re used to our first ladies being out and about,” Colbert added later. “Nancy Reagan was always out there telling kids to ‘just say no.’ Michelle Obama would sometimes just show up in people’s living rooms and tell them to drop and give her 20.”

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