Variety Apologizes After Being Slammed For Shortage Of Female Writers In Upcoming Panel

Variety is apologizing after being called out for their upcoming panel featuring television writers.

The panel, “A Night in the Writers’ Room”, will put a spotlight on six comedy writers and six drama writers, but only features one woman.

The female writer is Gemma Baker, who is currently writing for the popular sitcom “Mom”, starring Allison Janney and Anna Farris.

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Variety tweeted Tuesday that they are sorry for their oversight and are working on fixing their mistake.

Actress Busy Philipps, 38, took to Twitter to slam the outlet earlier in the day by suggesting a long list of other deserving writers.

“Hey Variety! Here are some ideas for you!” she wrote, before listing off a number of names. “I used something called GOOGLE… IT WAS SO EASY! Turns out there are A BUNCH OF WOMEN RUNNING FANTASTIC TV SHOWS!”

She continued, “So maybe next time you want to have a convo with showrunners, the odds shouldn’t be 11:1? Representation matters. Even at dumb industry events. ESPECIALLY THERE.”

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Others, including Kathy Griffin, also took issue with the panel featuring only one woman.

Even some of the male writers on the panel took issue with the lack of diversity, with both “The Good Place” creator Mike Schur and “The Good Doctor” creator David Shore saying they would be happy to be replaced to make room for more women on the panel.



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