Jessica Chastain Talks Fight For Gender Equality In Hollywood And Beyond

Jessica Chastain graces the cover of the latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter and talks to the publication about her fight for gender equality.

The Academy Award-nominated actress was one of the leading voices to speak out against Harvey Weinstein last year after the disgraced Hollywood mogul was accused of sexual assault and harassment by multiple women.

Photo: The Hollywood Reporter
Photo: The Hollywood Reporter

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Speaking to THR about Weinstein’s recent arrest, Chastain said, “He was arrested at 7:30 and then he was out at 10:30. Why do rich people not have to spend any time in jail?”

Back in October, Chastain tweeted her support for Weinstein’s victims and joined the Time’s Up movement, which provides legal aid to women who have experienced workplace sexual harassment, abuse, and assault.

Now, she continues to help women and do her part to change the way things are run in the movie industry. She recently fought for equal pay for the actresses in the female-fronted “355,” a film which Chastain produced and sold at Cannes as the festival’s biggest purchase.

“Susan Sarandon or Jessica Lange or Sissy Spacek. You wonder: These incredible actresses, where are they now? Why did they disappear for so long? It was a system that wasn’t working. And so I thought, Well, what if we now take the power and give it to the actresses?” Chastain said about her work on “355”.

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The “Zero Dark Thirty” star also touched upon her relationships with other women while on set and cleared up some old rumours about a “feud” with Jennifer Lawrence.

“In 2012, there was some tabloid saying that, like, Jennifer Lawrence and I were in a feud, which was insane. She and I laughed about it. She came up to me and goes, ‘So I hear we’re feuding?’ I’ve never had a bad situation with women that I’ve worked with.”

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Even though Chastain vows to continue to fight for women, she did admit that her interviews can sometimes come across as a little “preachy.”

“I get a little bit, like, ‘Here we go, we’re gonna talk about this’ … When I read them back it just sounds like I’m lecturing, saying how life should be lived. And in actuality, I don’t want to tell anyone how to live their life.”

You can read the full interview at THR.

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