Lily James is the cover girl for the latest issue of Marie Claire UK and revealed to the magazine her plans of slowing down and building a future with her beau Matt Smith.

The British actress opened up in an interview which accompanied a stunning photo shoot for the famous fashion mag and admitted that she struggles to find the perfect balance between life and work.

Photo: Marie Claire UK / Kerry Hallihan
Photo: Marie Claire UK / Kerry Hallihan

James and Smith have been dating since 2014, but their busy work schedule often keeps them apart for months at a time, like last year, when James was away in Croatia filming “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.”

“I’d like a few months where I go travelling and just switch off,” she said. “When you’re an actor, its like, ‘you’ve got to keep the momentum up.’ And I’m like, ‘No!'”

“You have to trust that things won’t go away if you stop for a bit. I haven’t really stopped, and I don’t think that’s a feasible way to work. For me, eventually, that’s not the lifestyle I want.”

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She added: “That’s not only with regards to my relationship with Matt, but with my friends and family. There’s so much you miss. That’s why I know I can’t keep working at this intensity. I finish a job; Matt starts one.”

Photo: Marie Claire UK / Kerry Hallihan
Photo: Marie Claire UK / Kerry Hallihan

The “Baby Driver” star will be hoping to spend more quality time with Smith once they have their own home together, which she revealed they are currently in the process of looking for.

“We want to get somewhere. That’s going like, ‘Can we go furniture shopping?’ We bought a rug from there [points to a shop over the road], and I love getting flowers and making things look nice.”

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Elsewhere in the interview, James touched upon the recent controversies in Hollywood and the Time’s Up movement.

“I feel strengthened by it and intrigued to see how things will change,” she said. “Obviously, this moment has come out of a really awful time, and the reality of what was being covered up and happening is harrowing.”

“But, personally, I feel braver in being honest about how I feel about things.”

James will next appear in the “Mamma Mia!” sequel which opens in theaters in July.

To read the full feature, see the July issue of Marie Claire, out tomorrow.