It’s tough to go through a break-up, especially with the world watching.

Just 48 hours ago, Liza Koshy and David Dobrik publicly addressed their split on the platform that made them both stars. The popular YouTubers — who frequently collaborated — took to David’s channel to vlog about the heartbreaking experience.

With humour — and tears — the former couple explain why they chose to privately go their separate ways six months ago, revealing it was no longer “healthy” for them to continue romantically.

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Although the two remain friends, Koshy cites personal struggles as one of the strains on their relationship. But as Dobrik also notes, “Liza broke-up with me because she felt like we’ve been kind of distant, because we’ve both been so busy. Period.”

“We already felt like we were kind of living, like, separate lives,” Liza continues. “Neither of us were coming to terms with it. So I — I admit it — I decided that we should break-up.”

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The video, which has since gone viral, is currently holding the number one spot on YouTube’s Trending page. Fans and fellow social media stars took to Twitter to express shock, but also their respect for the pair.

The outpouring of love and positivity did not go unnoticed.