Sarah Jessica Parker Recalls The ‘Most Meaningful Part’ Of ‘Sex And The City’ On Series’ 20th Anniversary

Twenty years after “Sex And The City” first premiered on June 6, 1998, series star Sarah Jessica Parker is reflecting on her time as Carrie Bradshaw.

“The connection the show has made with the audience continues and grows,” the actress says of the show, which ran for five seasons and spawned two movies. “Anybody who’s spent a lot of time doing something in their work life and personal life wants to make a connection. You create a story because you hope to offer it to people and it will connect — that’s the most meaningful part to me,” she tells E! News.

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Despite being off the air for more than 14 years, Parker says she still encounters new fans who are just discovering the series.

“I meet people all the time who moved to New York because of the show. It’s deeply surprising to experience a new generation of viewers. I’m so grateful I didn’t waste that experience,” she says. And while it may have been 20 years since she first stepped in front of cameras as Carrie, Parker remembers the first day of shooting well.

“The first day we shot at Bleecker and Sixth Avenue. I walked to and from work. I had never done a television show in New York before that, and I was a bit worried about getting back into television,” she recalls. “I loved the pilot, and that first day on set was so much fun — I never looked back. I love this city and I’m always happy to discover a new street, whether I’m shooting or not — so often I walk down a street and have a memory of shooting there.”

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Though the series made her a household name and broke boundaries with its openness about sexuality, Parker says it wasn’t just all about sex.

“The biggest misconception about Carrie is that she was somebody who was only interested in pursuing a sex life, when really she was interested in the conversations about sex and relationships, and her own and towards love and home,” Parker explains. “Carrie didn’t really sleep around and she definitely wasn’t casual about sex.”

Of course, it was also about the fashion, with Parker revealing she kept a few mementos from Carrie’s wardrobe: “I definitely still have the Carrie necklace.”

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