Anne Hathaway had the best time making “Ocean’s 8”, especially when it came to the love she got from Rihanna.

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The Oscar-winning actress appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Thursday to talk about her experience making the all-female heist flick.

Asked what the experience working with so many wonderful women was like, Hathaway said that they “murdered” the myth that women can’t get along. “We just loved each other so much,” she said.

The actress then described the support she got from all of her co-stars when she came to set after having her first baby and still weighing a little more than she would like.

“And then Rihanna looks up and goes, ‘Damn girl, you got a a**!'” Hathaway recalled. “I was like, ‘Really?’ And she goes, ‘You got a a** like me!'”

“I can honestly say I’ve never had that experience on a film set before,” she added.

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Also on the show, Hathaway sat down with DeGeneres for a game of “Ocean’s 1 Word”, which gave the host the perfect opportunity to pull off one of her patented scares.