Possible ‘Star Wars’ Jedi Robe Plot Hole Causes Much Twitter Debate

If there is one thing “Star Wars” fans enjoy more than “Star Wars” itself, it’s arguing about the intergalactic movie franchise on the internet.

The latest debate kicked off on Tuesday (June 5) when writer Dennis DiClaudio noticed what appears to be a glaring flaw to do with the Jedi Master outfits.

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DiClaudio pointed out on Twitter that the attire Obi-Wan Kenobi wore in the 1977 original (“Episode IV: A New Hope”) was intended to be a disguise to help him blend in on the desert world of Tatooine. Kenobi didn’t want people to recognize him as a Jedi.

However, in the much-maligned prequels, George Lucas decided to make the Tatooine robe the official dress of all Jedi, which DiClaudio says is “absolutely f***ing ridiculous.”

“On top of just being pointless, it means that Obi-Wan spent his 20 years hiding out on Tatooine dressed like a f***ing Jedi,” DiClaudio wrote.

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As always though, there is a flipside to the coin, which Twitter user Kevin Tong argued in a 12-point thread. Tong wrote that “the apparent visual blandness of the Jedi fashion choices serve the film, both in terms of story and visuals.

“Obi-Wan isn’t in danger of being discovered on Tatooine for dressing like a Jedi, because Jedi dress more or less like everyone else.”

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The debate raged on for a while, with many others chipping in their points along the way, but in the end, DiClaudio and Tong ended the matter on rather peaceful terms.

Read the entire debate below.


The next “Star Wars” movie, “Episode IX”, is scheduled for release in December 2019. The Han Solo prequel, “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” is currently out in theatres.

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