Cedric The Entertainer is headed to Global this fall with the new comedy “The Neighborhood” and as ET Canada’s Carlos Bustamante found out, it’s going to be one hilarious adventure.

The new series will focus on what happens when a white family from the Midwest moves into a predominantly black neighbourhood in Los Angeles, forcing one of their neighbours to shake up their racist beliefs with hilarious consequences.

“I’m actually very neighbourly!” Cedric jokes, sharing his high praise for Toronto.

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“Toronto is just a place that’s a melting pot of so many cool people and you vibe,” he says. “You realize that’s this is what it’s all about – the individuals. It’s not about me putting you in a group and then deciding that is what you are.”

“We thought this would be a great place to do a show where you take the assumption and then you throw it in a pot and come up with something great,” he explains.

Despite some serious racial tensions south of the border, Cedric says his show will be able to find some humour when it comes to celebrating what we have in common with our neighbours.

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“I think race relations, especially in the United States at this time, everything seems to be really intense and people find themselves drawing lines in the sand almost daily about some subject matter – be it social issues or cultural issues, family education. Everything’s a fight but you can really show that when you’re an individual,” he says, adding, “You really have a lot of things in common as people and so I think that’s where we get to have a lot more fun.”

“The Neighborhood” will make its debut on Global this fall.

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