Actress Jessica Chastain recently revealed that she found it nearly impossible to get a date in junior high as she was considered an awkward flame-haired tomboy. Fast forward to now, and her new British GQ magazine photo spread, and we doubt she’ll ever have that problem again.

Jessica, who plays a desperate CIA agent hunting for Osama Bin Laden in Kathryn Bigelow’s controversial new film Zero Dark Thirty, strips down for her most intimate photo shoot yet. And she reveals that, yes, she hopes those boys who previously turned her down in school see her smoldering between the sheets.

Despite sizzling in the pages of GQ, The Help star mentions that British people seem to have major problems with redheads. “You Brits are usually so mean to your redheads. Why is that? In America, it’s seen as a good thing. Look at Julia Roberts – she’s cool, right?”;  And apparently this hatred isn’t localized to the UK, “I was working in Thailand and I’d be walking down the street and people – British people – would stop the car and scream, ‘ginger!’ at me.”;

Telling the magazine about the demanding and psychologically complex character, Jessica said “This film will make news. We all think we know how it ended. We don’t. And this movie is about how it really ended. It is shocking.”;

The star also links the similarities between being an actress and working in the CIA saying, “When I first read the script, I was blown away by this woman. The sacrifices she made and what she had to do.  It’s something I still get very emotional about. What happens when you live for this one goal? And then you achieve it?”;

“I can relate to those aspects of being in the CIA,” she admits. “For the last three years, my life has been work and only work. I do miss my family. I do feel cut off from my friends. Listen, I know being in the CIA is a lot more important than being an actress, but I do feel some empathy with the loneliness: you give away yourself.”;

Catch more of Jessica’s interview in the January issue of British GQ. And you can catch her in the new film Zero Dark Thirty when it opens in theatres January 11.