Mariah Carey Looks Back On Her Time On ‘American Idol’ As ‘A Bleak Experience’

Mariah Carey dropped by “JKL!” on Wednesday to promote her upcoming residency in Las Vegas, and during her discussion with Jimmy Kimmel the conversation turned to one of the most unpleasant experiences on her showbiz resume: the single season she spent as a judge on “American Idol”.

While chatting about Lionel Richie — with whom Carey toured last year — Kimmel asked her whether it was true she advised him not to join ABC’s reboot of the Fox reality hit.

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“If I didn’t I should have,” she quipped, a zinger that caused the crowd to erupt in laughter and Kimmel to crack up.

“Is he doing it? Is it going well for him?” she asked dismissively. “Yeah, he’s doing it,” responded Kimmel. “You guys must be really tight, huh?”

As Kimmel brought the discussion back to her upcoming stint at Caesars Palace, Carey interrupted in order to clarify: “I wasn’t saying Lionel wouldn’t be a great judge. I’m just saying I didn’t have the world’s best experience,” she added, leading Kimmel to ask what the worst part of “American Idol” was for her.

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“I’ll tell you, the best part was some of the memes we got,” she replied, adding, “It was bleak, darling, it was a bleak experience. We don’t have to go back there.”

Check out more of Carey’s interview with Kimmel in the videos below, including her revelation that her six-year-old son with ex Nick Cannon is so adept at online shopping that he once ordered a dog via the Internet:

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