Sarah Jessica Parker Defends Her ‘Sex And The City’ Character After Fan Describes Carrie Bradshaw As A Lousy Friend

New York Magazine‘s website The Cut gathered 15 writers who are also fans of “Sex and the City”, asking them to share memorable moments from the HBO hit that continue to stick with them all these years later.

One of the writers pointed to an episode that found Miranda (New York gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon) lying naked on her bathroom floor due to a back injury, with Carrie “too busy” to come offer help, instead showing up later with “bulls**t bagels” — but “just so she could have an in to talk about herself.”

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In the comments section of the article, not everyone agreed with that assessment of Carrie as a terrible friend — including the actress who played her, with Sarah Jessica Parker defending Carrie against that characterization.

“That’s the worst example!!!! Come on! There are so many moments when Carrie is good, generous, reliable, loving, present and supportive to her dear Miranda. I assure you! We just need time together and a VCR, I can prove it!” wrote Parker in response.

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She chimed in again when another commenter wrote, “I always thought Carrie was a horrible girlfriend to the girls. Men were always her priority and I hated that about her character.”

The star replied: “No!!! There are countless examples of her being a very good friend to Miranda. Miranda wouldn’t have stuck around a half [assed] friendship! Xx.”

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SJP’s comments can be seen below:

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