Kim Kardashian Responds To Criticism That She’s Endorsing Trump In Tease Of CNN Interview

Giving her first TV interview since President Donald Trump commuted the sentence of Alice Marie Johnson, Kim Kardashian sat down with CNN’s Van Jones to discuss her role in freeing the 63-year-old grandmother who was serving a life sentence without parole for a non-violent drug charge.

In portions of the interview that aired on “Anderson Cooper 360” (above), Kardashian discusses why she decided to lobby the president on behalf of Johnson, and responded to criticism that by meeting with the president she’s endorsing him, “giving him legitimacy in a way,” said Jones.

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“I think Kanye’s already given him legitimacy in that way,” Kardashian said, referencing husband Kanye West’s unexpected support of Trump earlier this year.

However, she told Jones that her husband’s endorsement of the president and her efforts on behalf of Johnson are separate, and dismissed those who say she was “used” by Trump.

“I was working on this before. I don’t think I would be used,” she said. “At the end of the day, [Trump] heard me out. We got the job done. What could he really use me for?” she told Jones.

During the interview, the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star admitted that being in the White House was downright awe-inspiring.

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“I have to say I never get starstruck,” she admitted. “I was starstruck over the Oval Office.”

After Trump commuted Johnson’s sentence, Kardashian said that Trump called her personally to break the news.

“It says ‘Unknown.’ I remember I was on the phone with my husband and I said, ‘Wait, babe, I have to call you back.’ And it was a secretary on the line who said she had the president on the phone and I knew it had to be some news,” she said. “I was always really hopeful. And I had been in communication with Jared [Kushner] so I was feeling things were looking really positive.”

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You can watch CNN’s preview of Kardashian’s interview in the video above; the full interview is slated to air Thursday night on CNN.

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