James Corden makes a cameo appearance in the highly anticipated, female-fronted “Ocean’s 8” movie and he’s really struggling to let go of the experience.

In a sketch, which aired on “The Late Late Show” on Thursday (June 7), Corden brought together members of the star-studded female cast — Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Sarah Paulson, Anne Hathaway, Mindy Kaling, and Awkwafina – to reminisce about the great times they had on set.

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As the press junket for “Ocean’s 8” came to an end, the late-night host couldn’t believe it was all over. “We’ll keep in touch tough, yeah?” he asked, holding back tears. “Friends forever.” Unfortunately for Corden, his female co-stars could barely remember he was in the movie.

A series of hilarious high-school style flashbacks followed, set to Vitamin C’s classic “Graduation (Friends Forever)”, as Corden became lost in memories of throwing paper airplanes with Paulson and filling up his somewhat creepy “Ocean’s 8” scrapbook.

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The film meant so much to the British comedian that he even bought his cast mates Class of ’08 varsity jackets and had “08 4EVA” tattooed on his arm, a commitment which, to Awkwafina and Hathaway, is a little too disturbing.

In the end, his famous friends move on to even bigger and better things, leaving Corden all alone waiting for his Lyft driver, who may never arrive.

Bullock, Paulson and Awkwafina also joined the host on the sofa to talk about their characters in the upcoming heist movie. Bullock described her character’s special power as “genetic thievery,” referring to her relation to Danny Ocean, the character previously played by George Clooney in the original movies.

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The mention of George Clooney set Paulson off on a tangent about how the cast refer to him as “Jorge Cloones,” though she believes it makes Bullock’s face look weird when she tries to say it.

See more in the videos above. “Ocean’s 8” opens in theatres today (June 8).