The dynamic duo of Ryan Reynolds and his “twin brother” Gordon are back for another hilarious yet awkward interview.

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Reynolds, who recently bought a stake in Aviation Gin, sat down with his “twin brother” Gordon for another candid chat — this time about his partnership with the company ahead of World Gin Day on June 9.

Conversation topics ranged from Ryan’s wife Blake Lively and their two daughters, James and Inez, to passing on the chance to buy a monkey.

However, Gordon didn’t shy away from being savage about “Deadpool 2”.

“I hear ‘Deadpool 2’ is great. I haven’t seen it yet… I was recently diagnosed with stage 4 ‘I don’t give a s**t’ and I’m afraid it’s terminal,” Gordon explained to Reynolds.

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The Canadian star’s “brother” also mocked him for buying the gin company from Portland, Oregon.

“It tastes like a sunrise had sex with a feather duster,” Gordon said. “You can have that slogan for free.”

Gordon also pointed out that the 41-year-old is neither American or able to fly a plane, as the name of Aviation Gin suggests. “Roughly how many celebrities passed before they found you?” he asked.

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Towards the end of the two-minute interview, Reynolds clearly had enough of his brother’s antics and stormed off the interview set, leaving Gordon and the gin behind.

The duo first made fans laugh out loud when they crossed verbal swords in November 2016, after Reynolds was named one of GQ’s Men of the Year.