Becca Kufrin Spills ‘Bachelorette’ Secrets, Answers Fan Questions In No-Holds-Barred Interview

“Bachelorette” star Becca Kufrin can be seen on Monday nights winnowing her way through multiple men in search of true love, and had a lot to say about her experience in TV’s most romantic reality-show mansion when she answered fan questions in a new video produced by BuzzFeed (above).

Kufrin, 28, didn’t hold back when asked some tough questions, including one that addressed the humiliation of being dumped in front of millions of viewers when then-Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. changed his mind after proposing to her and proposed to another woman instead.

“I didn’t think that Arie was going to end the engagement,” she says. “I knew that he had been struggling with his feelings and [was] feeling guilty about how he sent Lauren home but I didn’t see the breakup that day happening at all.”

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That wasn’t the only blindside from her “Bachelor” season she addresses. “So when my ex showed up in Peru, that was probably the biggest blindside I had up until the breakup,” Kufrin adds. “I honestly thought, when I heard the knock on the door, that it would be either one of the producers or Arie himself just coming over. I did not expect to see Ross on the other end. It wasn’t a pleasant surprise though.”

So has she spoken with her ex since then? “No, not at all,” she says with a roll of her eyes. “I have not talked to him since then. He shouldn’t even have come if I’m being honest.”

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Kufrin also comes clean about an unseen moment on “The Bacheor” that she admits was not “my best moment, but I had a few cocktails and I took a long nap behind a couch on one of the group dates. It was right behind a couch and a fireplace. I was just sitting there talking with Chelsea and it was just so cozy, I just drifted off to sleep. She’s a mom so she got a pillow, put it under my head, covered me with a nice fur blanket — I’m actually kind of glad that didn’t make TV.”

While lasting couples to emerge from “The Bachelor” and its spinoffs are few and far between, Kufrin says that she believes it is possible to find love on a reality show.

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“I one-thousand-per-cent believe in the journey,” she says. “It worked last time around and it worked this time around, so much more! It works, it works! It’s a crazy, unconventional worthwhile journey, but you can find love.”

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