It’s been more than 20 years since Shania Twain topped the charts by listing off a whole whack of stuff that don’t impress her much, but we can add another item to that list: sharks!

In a hilarious new video (above), the Canadian country star is seen on a dock while gushing about how excited she was to be offered her own week on television.

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As she speaks, a banner rises behind that reads, “Shark Week 2018”, followed by production assistants scurrying over to hand a wetsuit and a snorkel.

“Remember,” one of them tells the confused star as she discovers her own week on TV is actually Shark Week, “sharks sense fear.”

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“This is a joke, right?” says Twain.

We’ll find out how this all plays out when Discovery’s annual tribute to the ocean’s most fearsome predators returns with this year’s Shark Week on July 22.