While TV is practically bursting at the seams with new reboots of old shows, fans of “Felicity” had pretty much lost hope that the adventures of the curly-haired title character (played by Keri Russell) would ever be revisited.

Scott Foley made that clear prior to appearing on stage with his former cast mates for a “Felicity” session on Sunday during the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas.

“I feel the show was so specific to the characters in that time of their lives,” Foley told Deadline. “To do it again would be an injustice to the show we all made and all love.”

However, Foley found himself singing a different tune after he was gathered onstage with “Felicity” co-stars Russell, Scott Speedman, Greg Grunberg, Tangi Miller, Amanda Foreman, Ian Gomez, Rob Benedict and Amy Jo Johnson.

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“Looking at these faces and seeing that clip, and feeling some of the emotions reminiscing about that, I would kind of love to work with them again,” he told the crowd, as reported by IndieWire. “I’d love the opportunity to find out what happened to [the show’s characters]. I don’t know how it would work or what the story would be.”

Speedman added that he feels like “there’s a way to make it work,” while Greg Grunberg agreed and asked the audience if they’d like to see a rebooted “Felicity”. His question was met with cheers.

While Russell didn’t offer any opinion, Gomez jokingly suggested, “Let’s do an episode of ‘Gilligan’s Island’!”

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When panel moderator Lennon Parham asked the cast to think back about some of the show’s most memorable moments, it was impossible not to touch on the controversy that ensued when Russell cut her long hair short for the show’s second season.

In fact, Russell described how the whole idea started as a joke. As the show’s first season wrapped, Russell discovered a boy’s wig, placed it on her head and took a Polaroid photo — which she sent to exec producers J.J. Abrams and Matt Reeves, telling them she had cut her hair.

Abrams, however, thought it would be great for the show, and called Russell to suggest she cut her hair for real.

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“It’s such a typical college girl story,” Russell said. “The guy breaks up with her, she goes and cuts her hair. I loved it, it was such a great storyline. It’s so surprising, the reaction, Felicity was never a fashion plate anyway. I was wearing baggy clothes. I didn’t know anyone cared so much about the way I looked.”

As Russell recalled, the famous scene in which she cuts her hair was filmed at 4 a.m. on a Friday, “and then a few hours later I went to a hair salon and they cut the rest of it off.”

Speedman added that he diligently practised his reaction to seeing Felicity’s new ‘do, but admits he “failed miserably!”