Gwyneth Paltrow’s is at it again!

The star’s lifestyle website, Goop, has produced an extensive gift-giving list in the hopes of easing your holiday stress —and leaving you penniless.

The website released their annual gift guide on Thursday. Gifts that stand out from the list include an $820 incense set, $140 potpourri, and a knit sweater that’ll set you back a cool $1,995, US! “Whether you want to spend $8 or $8,000, we’ve rounded up some of the most stunning and appealing gift options around,” the website’s newsletter announced.

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This time, however, Paltrow did manage to acknowledge the list’s inaccessibility. “This year we actually have a number of gift guides, but one of them is just called ‘Ridiculous,'” Paltrow told Katie Couric on Tuesday. “I think there’s a trip to space on there, and a hot air balloon or something. I think the most ridiculous thing is there’s a website that’s selling solid-gold dumbbells.”

Thankfully, she includes a more reasonably-priced list of gift “for the office Secret Santa,” with all items coming under $50 each.

Paltrow also managed to poke fun of herself, while keeping the single girls and guys in mind. The Oscar-winner made sure to include “Consciously Uncoupled” key tags ($15) on the list — for those “who wear [their] heart on [their] keys.”

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