Love on the ‘Vegas’ Strip?

There’s been plenty of crime and blood on Global’s suspenseful drama Vegas, but when it comes to the love department, it’s been a bit of a bust for Dennis Quaid’s widowed character, Sheriff Ralph Lamb. Could romance be in his future with Carrie-Anne Moss’s Catherine? The stars say our guess is as good as theirs!

“I honestly don’t know!” jokes a tight-lipped Moss. “I have the next episode [script] on my phone… I’ll go check that out, but I don’t think I’m getting any hints!”

Quaid teases, “The two characters have known each other their whole lives… so there’s already a relationship there, but where it’s going to wind up, who knows.”

The western drama recently got a full season pick-up and you can bet things will be getting even more complicated between Sheriff Lamb and Mob Boss, Vincent Savino, played by Michael Chiklis. They square off on-screen but off-camera, it’s all laughs.

“Even in the thick of the heat of it, I could be prone to blowing a take for a joke, just to keep it light and have fun,” he laughs. “I’ve been having a phenomenal time with Dennis.”

Dennis’ son Jack Quaid pictured on the red carpet. Photo: ET Canada

On the show Dennis’ character’s son, Dixon (Taylor Handley), wants to follow in his father’s footsteps. It’s a case of art imitating life for Quaid, whose own son, Jack, caught the acting bug.

“I offered to help get him an agent, he didn’t want it!”; Dennis reveals. “He wanted to do it all on his own and he did. He got his own agent and then the first movie he got was The Hunger Games!”

Watch the full interviews with Carrie-Anne and Dennis on tonight’s ET Canada!



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