CBC Host Jessi Cruickshank Responds After Website Blasts Her LGBTQ Pride Video For Kids As ‘Twisted’

June is Pride Month throughout the world and to celebrate, CBC host Jessi Cruickshank produced a video (above) in which she talks to kids about “gay loved ones, celebrities, and being a gay ally” to teach them about sexual diversity.

Not everyone was in the mood to celebrate, however, especially conservative Canadian website LifeSite. Founded by the pro-life Campaign Life Coalition, LifeSite believes that “abortion, euthanasia, cloning, homosexuality and all other moral, life and family issues are all interconnected in an international conflict,” with that conflict created by “secularists attempting to eliminate Christian morality and natural law principles which are seen as the primary obstacles to implementing their new world order.”

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The site ran a scathing article slamming the video, with the headline: “Kids learn about ‘sexual diversity’ in twisted video promoting LGBT ‘pride’.”

Cruickshank took to social media to respond, sharing a screenshot of the site’s article, along with some words of her own.

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