Stephen Colbert Mocks Trump-Kim Summit On ‘The Late Show’

Before last night’s unprecedented meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, Stephen Colbert was on hand to share his feelings on how exactly the summit might go down.

“The Late Show” opened with a spoof boxing match, where a ring announcer introduced the former adversaries as “the dictatorial chubby” versus “the unfaithful hubby.”

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Colbert made it clear that his show was being taped before the summit took place, but he had a few ideas of what might be happening between the two controversial leaders.

The late-night host pointed out that Singapore’s island resort of Sentosa, where the meeting was taking place, is home to a Universal Studios theme park. He then shared a hilarious mock photo of Trump and Kim enjoying themselves on the Jurassic Park log flume ride.

“They’re having a good time,” he said, “we’re on the brink of World War Weeeee!”

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Colbert also touched upon the President’s claim that he would only need one minute to tell if the North Korean leader was serious about denuclearization. He shared a clip of a reporter asking Trump how he’d be able to gauge Kim’s intentions in that short amount of time.

“Just my touch, my feel,” Trump told the reporter, “that’s what I do.”

“Oh, we know that’s what you do,” Colbert said, “when you’re a star they let you do it.”

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Trump and Kim met on Monday (June 11) to discuss defusing tensions and nuclear disarmament. While full details of the meeting have yet to be made public, the two leaders did sign a document which promises a new relationship between the US and North Korea.

Watch the clips from “The Late Show” above.



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