Jim Parsons Opens Up About Suffering Horrific Foot Injury Onstage, Reveals How Britney Spears Started His Acting Career

Jim Parsons discussed everything from breaking his foot to Britney Spears as he chatted to Jimmy Fallon on Monday’s “Tonight Show”.

Parsons, 45, was quizzed by Fallon, 43, about the horrific moment he took a tumble during a curtain call for his Broadway play “The Boys in the Band”.

The actor replied, “I stepped off… there’s a sunken living room, not to spoil anything, we go down and stand in this pose to bow and I was in charge of taking the step down to lead us. I literally stepped down… and I was down!

“I wasn’t in pain but any time I tried to put my foot down it would get yanked back up by my knee,” he added while mimicking the movements.

Parsons continued, “I hopped back and went off stage and then we went to the ER and it was broken.”

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Parsons’ chat also saw him open up about receiving a GLAAD award back in April, with him bagging the Stephen F. Kolzak honour.

Speaking about thanking Britney Spears, who also got given an award at the ceremony, in his speech, Parsons admitted once again that the singer had helped him start his acting career.

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He explained, “When I was auditioning for grad schools in the late ’90s, ‘Baby One More Time’ came out. I was getting ready and trying to get focused for these auditions for these schools and something about that song, and especially that video, really worked for me.

“Obviously not in a sexual way. I’m a good gay. It was just her in that Catholic schoolgirl uniform, marchin’ down that hallway with all the confidence. I was like, ‘Yeah, go out and kill it. Go get it!’

“I give a lot of credit for my acting career to Britney.”

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