Watch Samuel L. Jackson Talk About The Time He Acted On Acid

Samuel L. Jackson stopped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Monday (June 11) to promote his new movie “Incredibles 2” and ended up talking about dropping acid while in acting class.

After revealing that he is now teaching an online acting masterclass for aspiring thespians, the legendary actor talked about his time in college, where he earned a degree in theatre.

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“Are all acting teachers crazy?” Kimmel asked.

“‘Eccentric’… I would go with ‘eccentric’,” Jackson replied, before telling a story about a teacher who told him that, to be “great” you need to “learn how to be drunk and high and still do the play.”

The “Django Unchained” star explained how he was up to the task. “You drink a little wine, smoke a little weed, go on stage, and when you get through that, you’re kind of like confident, you go, ‘That was alright… let’s try some acid!”

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Jackson’s acting acid trips led to some weird, awkward situations. “I’ve been standing in the middle of the stage and watching my feet sink into the stage.”

When not tripping out on stage, Jackson said he also performed live children’s theatre while he was in college. He explained that his improv group would travel to different schools and put on a show aimed at helping kids get over their fears.

“Incredibles 2” opens on Wednesday (June 13).



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