‘SNL’ Writer Shares Story Of How ‘Jurassic Park’ And A Letter To Steven Spielberg Changed His Life

“Jurassic Park” is an important film in cinema history but for one fan it holds even more personal meaning.

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On Monday, in commemoration of the dinosaur blockbuster’s 25th anniversary, actor and writer for Global’s “Saturday Night Live” Andrew Briedis took to Twitter to share the story of his baby raptor tattoo.

Briedis explained that he was a kid when “Jurassic Park” came out, and he spent that summer in love with the movie but upset that he wasn’t in it.

His mom suggested he write a letter directly to Steven Spielberg saying how much he would love to star in the sequels.

Briedis received a reply from Amblin Entertainment explaining how Spielberg casts his films.

The letter set Briedis on a path that included auditioning for the school play, and eventually all the way to working on an “SNL” season finale while Spielberg himself sat in the audience.

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