Former ‘Glee’ Star Noah Guthrie Auditions For ‘AGT’ — And Crushes It!

Fans of “Glee” saw a familiar face auditioning during Tuesday’s edition of “America’s Got Talent”, even though that face was obscured with a bushy dark beard.

One of those fans turned out to be judge Simon Cowell, who recognized former McKinley High student Roderick Meeks beneath the facial fur — eventually.

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“I got my start doing YouTube videos, got a bit of a fan base from that,” explains singer Noah Guthrie (who first appeared in the show’s sixth season) as Cowell tries to place the face but just can’t get there.

“Things led to another and I ended up on a show called ‘Glee’, which is kinda crazy,” he continued, causing Cowell’s jaw to drop as he finally remembered where he knew him from.

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“I knew I recognized you!” says Cowell triumphantly.

Even more triumphant, however, was Guthrie’s amazing acoustic cover of Rihanna’s “Love on the Brain”, which can be viewed above.

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