Late Night TV Reacts To Historic Trump-Kim Summit

The hosts of late-night TV were on hand Tuesday (June 12) to share their thoughts on the historic meeting between Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Jimmy Kimmel compared the “scary meeting” to “the time Scooby-Doo met the Harlem Globetrotters” and said that usually when Trump signs an agreement with a foreigner it’s a prenup.

He also decided to sign his own “declaration of friendship” with Guillermo, agreeing to comfort each other when watching scary movies and to always honour Sunday Funday.

Over on “The Late Show,” Stephen Colbert said that Kim didn’t really make any significant promises in the agreement. “You have to promise more than Kim did when you sign the iTunes user agreement,” he quipped.

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On the idea of Trump working with a “homicidal boy-king,” the host threw to a clip of the president saying “I’m given what I’m given,” to which Colbert added, “He’s given what he’s given, okay? Kim kills his own people, but it’s not like he kneeled during the National Anthem.”

Seth Meyers gave the “Closer Look” treatment to the monumental meeting, paying particular attention to Trump and Kim’s ill-fitting suits. “They look like they shop at a store called Business Pajamas,” he joked.

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He also touched on NBA star Dennis Rodman’s involvement in the meeting, stating, “The news these days really feels like a Mad Lib from 1999.”

On TBS, Conan O’Brien focused on Trump’s gesture of inviting Kim to the White House. “Unless, of course, Kim Jong-un wins the Super Bowl or the NBA Championship,” he added.

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