Kim Kardashian Meets Alice Johnson For ‘Today’ Interview: ‘You Are Everything And More Than I Ever Thought’

Two weeks after petitioning President Trump to commute the sentence of Alice Johnson and a week after he did just that, Kim Kardashian is finally meeting the woman whose freedom she helped to secure when the two came face to face for their first joint interview.

Johnson and the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star sat down with “Today” anchor Hoda Kotb for an interview that will air during the Thursday’s edition of the NBC morning show.

A brief sneak-peek clip from the interview reveals there’s a lot of affection between Kardashian and the 63-year-old grandmother, who had been imprisoned since 1996 after receiving a life sentence for cocaine trafficking despite being a non-violent offender with no prior arrests.

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“I love this woman,” gushes Kardashian as they hug. “I love this lady,” Johnson replies.

“I mean, I already knew just by talking to you on the phone and just seeing you in videos, but I mean you are everything and more than I ever thought,” added Kardashian.

“She’s like lit from inside,” Kotb observes of Johnson. “You can tell that when you meet Alice. Literally before you got here, Alice was wringing her hands and we were talking about… I go ‘OK. Kim is coming,’ she’s like ‘I’m ready. I’m ready to meet Kim. I’m ready to meet Kim.’ So what was your first reaction?”

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Replies Johnson: “Oh, my reaction was — this is Kim!”

“Y’all haven’t stopped hugging, I did notice that,” adds Kotb. “I think that you guys are going to be connected for a long time.”

You can watch the entire interview on Thursday’s edition of “Today”.

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