Natalie Portman Tries To Hold Back Tears While Chowing Down Spicy Vegan Wings For ‘Hot Ones’ Interview

Natalie Portman has done too many interviews over the years to count, but she’s never done one like this.

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The “Black Swan” actress sat down to talk about her new documentary “Eating Animals” on the web series “Hot Ones”.

The premise is simple: a celeb sits down to answer questions while munching on increasingly spicy chicken wings.

In Portman’s case, though, she opted for vegan wings, which fit perfectly with the subject of the documentary, which exposes the ethical issues surrounding factory farming.

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The 37-year-old started the interview by saying that she actually loves spicy food, but by the end she was tearing up and trying hard to drown the spice with glasses of almond milk.

“I’m feeling on fire,” she said after the final wing.



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