‘The Grinch’ Is Up To His Old, Christmas-Hating Tricks In The New Animated Trailer

Catch a glimpse of “The Grinch” in the new, animated adaptation of the classic Dr. Sesus book.

Benedict Cumberbatch voices the green, holiday-hating creature in the upcoming flick, which will follow Grinch’s quest to destroy Christmas.

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Grinch’s adorable sidekick Max joins him once again, working together to wreak havoc on the citizens of Whoville.

Their Christmas heist is more complicated than the one featured in the 2000 live-action film starring Jim Carrey, as this time the dynamic duo capture reindeers, play chess and have a new pal, Fred.

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“The Grinch” hits theatres on November 9, just in time for the holiday season.

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