‘The Jerry Springer Show’ Halts Production After 27 Years, Show’s Future Uncertain

For good or ill, “The Jerry Springer” show changed the face of television when it burst on the airwaves in the early 1990s, ushering in an era of “trash TV” as the first talk show in TV history to require security guards onstage to break up fistfights between agitated guests.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Springer” may have reached the end of the line, describing the show as “currently in limbo with no new episodes planned for the forseeable future.”

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When the syndicated show didn’t receive a pickup order for the upcoming season from a station group, staff were told in April that show’s future was uncertain; many longtime staffers, reports THR, are looking for new jobs (Us Weekly confirms that the show’s production crew has been laid off).

Hope appeared in the form of The CW, which made a deal to air the show; unfortunately, The CW’s deal is only to air reruns of the show’s nearly 4,000 episodes (although sources tell THR the network is considering the possibility of ordering new episodes).

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Meanwhile, THR points out that the previous season of “The Jerry Springer Show” averaged 1.7 million viewers per episode, “a respectable number in the always-difficult syndicated market, roughly the same audience as Rachael Ray and Wendy Williams, but one that ranks Springer a measly 57th among syndicated series airing in the U.S.”

In the fall, The CW is planning to air a mixture of reruns and unaired episodes that have already been shot.

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