Shawn Mendes Opens Up About His ‘Terrifying’ Battle With Anxiety

Shawn Mendes discusses everything from mental health to his new self-titled album in an interview for Wonderland‘s summer issue.

The 19-year-old says, when asked about revealing his struggles with anxiety within his music, “It was absolutely terrifying, I was thinking, What if people say, ‘Why is he making sad songs? We like his songs about love.’ I was terrified, then I realized it’s not about that.

“The day after it came out, I started getting messages from fans, friends, and family about how important it was to them. You know, I couldn’t be happier.”

Credit: Wonderland
Credit: Wonderland

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Mendes then discusses vocalizing his issues and the importance of friends and family.

“Talking to people, becoming more open and vulnerable with everything that’s going on in my life, it’s really hard at first, and with the public it’s hard at first, but ultimately it made things easier for me.”

Credit: Paul Scala/Wonderland
Credit: Paul Scala/Wonderland

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The Canadian musician’s interview also sees him discuss his third album which, he thinks, will shock a few people: “I think people will be pleasantly surprised at the fact I can do other genres that they haven’t heard me sing.”

Credit: Paul Scala/Wonderland
Credit: Paul Scala/Wonderland

He continues, “I don’t just listen to one genre, I listen to rap, pop, rock, and country and if that’s what I listen to, then that’s what I’m going to create.

“I let the cohesive factor be my story and my voice, and my rule is, if it’s a good song, it’s a good song. Roll with it.”

The latest issue of Wonderland magazine is available to buy here.

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