Aerosmith Weathers the Storm

Aerosmith has been rocking the music world for almost 40 years! And after a decade in the making, the boys are back with their new album “Music From Another Dimension”.

ET Canada sat down with the group backstage before their Toronto concert on Tuesday and the band’s lead singer, Steven Tyler, tells us he’s sure fans will enjoy the new material: “The people that loved it then, are going to love it now! Just as I love it.”

The outspoken and iconic group has had many publicized highs and lows! But Steven isn’t afraid to admit he’s had his doubts. “Every pitfall, every rehab I wound up in, every marriage that didn’t work, everything, everything when I look back,”; he admits. “This band has kind of been the ride… Every time there’s been a little rift in this band, I found myself asking myself… is this really worth it?”

And on the subject of controversy, Steven also comments on Nicki Minaj’s recent tweets calling him racist: “I’m the farthest from racist… Seriously I said if Bob Dylan came on the show, as far as them judging, she’d probably send him to the cornfield. I don’t know what she read into that. It meant to pass on him… and nothing more.”;

Watch the preview below and the full interview tonight on ET Canada.



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