Cancelled by Fox after three sinful seasons, “Lucifer” is returning from the television graveyard after an outpouring of fan support resulted in a reprieve, with Netflix picking up the series for a fourth season.

As Variety reports, fans began petitioning to save “Lucifer” immediately after Fox pulled the plug on the show, in which Tom Ellis stars as the titular fallen angel, who runs a Los Angeles nightclub when not assisting the LAPD solve crimes.

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As soon as the news of Netflix’s pickup was revealed, “Lucifer” showrunner Joe Henderson sent out a tweet of gratitude, thanking the show’s fervent fans for their successful efforts.

Also sharing his elation on social media was the Prince of Darkness himself, with star Tom Ellis declaring he was so happy he was “going to burst.”

This marks the latest in a series of cancelled series to receive pickups from other outlets this season, including: “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”, axed by Fox and then rescued by NBC; “Last Man Standing”, which was cancelled by ABC in 2017 before being revived by Fox for the 2018-2019 season; and “The Expanse”, which was picked up by Amazon after being dropped by Syfy.

So how did the show’s fans react on Twitter to the news that “Luficer” was returning? About exactly as you’d expect:

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