It took more than a decade to reach the silver screen, but the long awaited biopic featuring John Travolta as mob boss John Gotti hasn’t exactly been embraced by critics.

In fact, “Gotti” has become of the few movies to earn the rare distinction of a zero-per-cent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the website that aggregates reviews from critics and moviegoers to deliver a numerical rating, joining the ranks of such cinematic stinkers as “Jaws: The Revenge”, “Police Academy 4” and “Return to the Blue Lagoon”.

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According to various reviews, “Gotti” is a “connect-the-dots disaster,” “a dismal mess,” “woefully uneven” and a “derivative, borderline nonsensical film.”

To be fair, it’s a minor miracle that “Gotti” was made at all, with the film plagued by problems including producers’ alleged mob connections and a 2011 lawsuit filed by “Goodfellas” actor Joe Pesci, who alleged that producers reneged on a $3-million offer to play mob enforcer Angelo Ruggiero.

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Meanwhile, “Gotti” isn’t even the first John Travolta movie to earn a zero-per-cent rating — it’s the third! Also coming in at zero: “Look Who’s Talking Too” and the Sylvester Stallone-directed “Saturday Night Fever” sequel “Staying Alive”.

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